Best in Grass

Michigan 2024

Michigan Awards

We’re excited to bring the culture and community together for our first-ever Best in Grass Michigan Awards Show on June 18th at Royal Oak Music Theater.
Make sure you complete your judging by May 31 to get the rewards you deserve, including a raffle to win a free ticket to the award show.

* Cocktail Attire Suggested – Dress to Impress.

Limited tickets are available.

Best in Flower - 
Best in Pre-Rolls & Infused Pre-Rolls - 
Best in Rosin & Non-Rosin Vape Pens and Cartridges - 
Best in Concentrates - 
Best in Edibles - 
Best in Beverage - 
Best in Flower - 
Best in Pre-Rolls & Infused Pre-Rolls - 
Best in Rosin & Non-Rosin Vape Pens and Cartridges - 
Best in Concentrates - 
Best in Edibles - 
Best in Beverage - 

Judge Rewards:

$20 and a raffle to win tickets for the Awards Show

At the end of the judging period ending May 31, all judges who completed 100% of judging will be contacted by June 4 to be given a credit of $20 off their next purchase at the dispensary they purchased their Best in Grass Judge Kits.

Plus, completed judges will be entered into our raffle to win a ticket to the Awards Show on June 18 at the Royal Oak Music Theatre from 6pm-10pm to see who is crowned the Best of Michigan! If you don’t win a ticket, we will have a limited number of tickets available for sale on our ticketing website.

Make sure to complete all judging by May 31 at 11:59pm ET. Stay tuned for updates on IG and our website Let us know if you have any questions. Happy Judging!

The Kits

Kit Pricing

Kits are available on a first-come, first-serve basis at the retailers listed above. You can purchase a maximum of (1) per category. Inside each kit is a judging card to submit your feedback. Completing the judge kit in full gets you a $20 credit to your place of purchase.

CATEGORYSamples & Quant Per KitMarket Value*Kit Price*Final Sale Price 50% OFF
Indica Flower25 Samples, 25g$250$179$89.50
Sativa Flower23 Samples, 23g $230$169$84.50
Hybrid Flower38 Samples, 38g$380$249$124.50
Infused Flower/ Moon Rocks5 Samples, 8.5g$90$69$34.50
Pre-Rolls18 Samples 19.7g$180 $119$59.50
Solvent Infused Pre-Rolls6 Samples, 6.5g$120$89$44.50
Non-Solvent Infused Pre-Rolls8 samples, 10.5g $184$139 $69.50
Solvent Concentrates7 Samples, 7g$105 $79$39.50
Non-Solvent Concentrates11 Samples, 11g$253 $189 $94.50
Non-Rosin Vape Pens & Cartridges7 Samples, 3.5g $216$139 $69.50
Rosin Vape Pens & Cartridges7 Samples, 3.5g $154 $109 $54.50
Edibles: Gummies 15 samples, 702g $150 $99 $49.50
Edibles: Non-Gummies 9 samples, 267g/30fl. oz $90 $59 $29.50

*All prices before taxes.

Collector's Kits

Collector Kits come in a smell-proof and water-resistant Revelry x Best in Grass Explorer Backpack ($80 MSRP). Kits are equipped with either a Revelry Rolling Kit ($60 MSRP) for Indica, Sativa and Hybrid Flower kits, or a Revelry Dab Kit ($80 MSRP) for the Non-Solvent Concentrate Kits.
CATEGORYSamples & Quant Per KitMarket Value*Kit Price*Final Sale Price 50% OFF
Indica Flower25 Samples, 25g $410 $259 $129.50
Sativa Flower23 Samples, 23g $390 $249 $124.50
Hybrid Flower38 Samples, 38g $540 $299 $149.50
Non-Solvent Concentrates11 Samples, 11g $413 $269 $134.50

*All prices before taxes.

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What is Best in Grass?

The Best in Grass (BiG) Awards are born from a combined 12 years of experience running the world’s largest cannabis competitions. The competition serves to identify and award the best licensed cannabis products in each State around the country. Cultivators and processors will submit their best products into the competition, the BiG team will create one-of-a-kind Judge Kits to be distributed by dispensaries across the state, and real everyday consumers will anonymously judge all products at home over 4-8 weeks. All of this feedback will go back to the entrants as a value add. Best of all, the competitors, judges, and brands will celebrate in-person at a LIVE event where the winners will be crowned.

How does this benefit the Brands?

For Brands, this is a sampling opportunity to get your brand and products into the hands of dispensary buyers, as well as hundreds of new customers who will provide feedback on your entries, plus thousands of impressions. Judges are rating your products on criteria such as Visual Appeal, Aroma, Taste, and Effects, plus comments. All of the data submitted for a brand’s products will be provided to them after the Awards Show.

How does this benefit the Retailers?

For Retailers, your customers want unique offerings at an affordable price. They want to try new brands and new products to see what they like and what they dislike. The Best in Grass Judge Kits are a unique, one-of-a-kind offering of various products and brands from across the State. Best in Grass will hand-select an exclusive network of dispensaries across each state to be the only dispensaries in the State to have these Judge Kits, provide targeted marketing support to drive digital and physical traffic to each dispensary to purchase the Judge Kits, and offer incentives for these customers (the Judges) to complete their judging and return back to the dispensary for additional purchase using a credit paid for by Best in Grass.

What categories does the competition include?

Categories will range from State to State, and will typically include some or all of the following:
  1. Indica Flower
  2. Sativa Flower
  3. Hybrid Flower
  4. Infused Flower/ Moon Rocks
  5. Pre-Rolls
  6. Infused Pre-Rolls (Solvent and Non-Solvent)
  7. Solvent Concentrates
  8. Non-Solvent Concentrates
  9. Non-Rosin Vape Pens & Cartridges
  10. Rosin Vape Pens & Cartridges
  11. Edibles: Gummies
  12. Edibles:  Non-Gummies
  13. Syrups & Beverages
  14. Topicals, Tinctures, Capsules.

How does a brand participate in the Best in Grass competition?

You may participate by being either a State-licensed cultivator or processor, with all products properly tested and in the State’s track and trace system, and who registers in advance to reserve an entry slot to submit into the competition. Please email us at

How does a brand sponsor the Best in Grass competition?

We love working with brands big and small, far and wide, who are dedicated to providing value to the cannabis industry. These sponsors want their brand to get valuable impressions and engagement from high-value cannabis enthusiasts and brands. Sound like you? Email us at

How do I become a Judge for Best in Grass competition?

Come one, come all! This competition is open to the public and will see thousands of Judges in each State. From the longtime storied smokers with discerning tastes, to the new soccer mom who wants to test out a lotion or edible instead of alcohol at the end of the day. Judge Kits will be available for purchase on a first-come, first-serve basis on the day of on-sale in each state for each competition. Sign up for updates at to be the first to get notifications on the dispensary locations, categories of Kits, pricing, and more Judging instructions and incentives.

Will there be a live event with the Awards Show?

Yes! Bringing the community together to celebrate the top brands and products in each State is one of our top priorities. Our events will be intimate, 1-day events focused on highlighting the winners of the Best in Grass awards show, with limited opportunities available for on-site activations, sponsorships, and other branding placement opportunities.